Acer ICONIA A700 HD Tablet First Look

Ever since the release of the new iPad back in March, the rest of the tablet world has been conspicuously quiet, with only a few major announcements amongst the seemingly unbreakable stranglehold Apple continues to have on the tablet market. Shortly though, the new A700/701 Acer Iconia Tablet may be one of the first shots fired in response to Apple’s latest release.

Although we haven’t seen much information come out about Acer’s Full HD display tablet, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on an early pre-production model for a few hours of hands-on experience. This new Acer Iconia Tablet, known as the A700 Wifi or 701 3G, is Acer’s answer to the new iPad’s high pixel density offering, and as far as Android tablets go, Acer have pretty much shoehorned everything they possible could to go up against the incumbent.

The A700 Acer Iconia Tablet is the first Android tablet we've seen with a Full HD display, and we're pretty impressive.

On paper, the A700 Acer Iconia tablet sounds pretty impressive. Tegra 3 quad core processor, GPS, Android 4.0 off the bat, and all the connectivity you’d want – Bluetooth, Micro-HDMI, Micro-USB, Micro-SD card slot, and for the A701 3G variant, a SIM card slot.

The big news for this yet-to-be-revealed Acer Iconia Tablet is the display. This is the first Full HD Android tablet that we’ve had an opportunity to spend quality time with and the 1920 x 1200 screen does look fantastic. Like the new iPad, individual pixels are not visible to the naked eye, and even the home screen pops out in comparison to previous Android models that employ the standard 1200 x 800 display.

We tried out some HD content and it looked superb on the A701 Acer Iconia Tablet display. Of course, one feature consistent across Android tablets is the native widescreen display that lends itself to video content with minimal black bars, and at this pixel density, movies should look incredible.

As this was a pre-production model, we didn’t subject this new Acer Iconia Tablet to any rigorous testing. In fact, it’s only just been reported that this model has gone through FCC approvals. This was really just an opportunity to share what may be the first of many premium Android tablets to hit the market this year. As a pre-production model we were pretty impressed, and we’re looking forward to spending more time with the models when they hit the street.

Look out for our next article, where we compare the A700 with the new iPad to see how the Full HD Android model stacks up against the most popular tablet in the market. Until next time, let us know what your thoughts are on Acer’s latest entry to their line-up of Android tablets.


  1. Parad!se says:

    Looks nice but I still prefer tablets from Asus.

  2. Nitant says:

    what is its battery backup????????????