Asus Transformer Infinity First Look

We’ve been following the Asus line of Transformer products ever since they were released, from the first Honeycomb tablet to include a keyboard dock, to the Slider, and then to the Transformer Prime, which set new benchmarks for the Google OS line of tablets. Now, we have the latest model - the Asus Transformer Infinity.

Asus Transformer Infinity Tablet

Anyone up for a quad core high definition super bright super-slim tablet?

This release is an important one, not just for Asus, who have been flexing their innovative muscles in the Android tablet domain since the introduction of the category, but for the tablet market as a whole. Why? The Asus Transformer Infinity can truly go up against the new iPad, the incumbent market leader in this category, and offer a substantial answer to all of the iPad’s propositions.

As you’ll see in the following videos, the Asus Transformer Infinity has great hardware, software, a robust operating environment and is supported by a maturing app store in the form of Google Play. Asus have addressed areas like wireless connection issues and GPS performance to produce a tablet all-rounder.


Asus Transformer Infinity improved GPS performance

The Asus Transformer Infinity has a plastic strip on the top rear to maximise GPS performance.

The hardware component of the Asus Transformer Infinity is far from flimsy, with a metal casing ensuring no flexing or bending on any part of the device. Despite the screen upgrade (which we’ll get to in a moment), the tablet on its own does not gain any weight, staying at 586 grams, exactly the same as its Prime predecessors.

The Asus Transformer Infinity also retains the ports that made the Transformer series so attractive, with Micro-HDMI and Micro-SD slots on the tablet body, and a further full size USB port and SD Card slot on the keyboard dock component.



Asus Transformer Infinity with keyboard

The usefulness of a tablet with a keyboard cannot be fully appreciated until you have to type an article about one!

Inside the Infinity is an upgraded quad core Tegra 3 chip, quoted at 1.6GHz but benchmarked at 1.9GHz. The OS is snappy, with Android functions and App commands all working unhesitatingly.

Just in case we thought we were being a little biased because of our fondness for the Transformer line up, we thought it prudent to quantify this and to see just how the Asus Transformer Infinity could handle the pressures of the job compared to another fairly popular tablet… say, the iPad?

This is where we became REALLY intrigued. Not only did the Infinity beat the iPad in many benchmark tests, but some by a huge margin. The graphics test, which saw the Prime pale beside the iPad in our earlier experiences, still showed Apple to have a command in that particular area. When it came to browsing, Java script handling and computational processing, the Asus Transformer Infinity swept the field.

The other big news was the high definition display. The big visual test was to see (literally) if there was a marked difference in the Infinity’s screen and the iPad’s highly praised display. And yes, there was a huge difference – the Asus Transformer Infinity was way brighter. Other than that, at normal viewing proximity, both screens delivered great detail and clarity. At massive zoomed enlargement, the iPad didn’t stray from its perfected image, and the Infinity showed some signs of pixelation. But that’s not how we view a tablet in normal circumstances.

If we seem a little lathered up in our praise of the Asus Transformer Infinity, it’s because this release shines a bright light to a competitive market across ecosystem platforms, where hardware vendors are creating innovative new products. As we always say, competition is a great thing for the industry and the smartphone, tablet and Ultrabook markets are hotbeds of design and technology fusions.

Asus Transformer Infinity with the lid closed

The future of mobile computing in our hands?


If you have any questions, please leave them below and we’ll find out the answers for you.

Until next time!


  1. Meg says:

    I got this recently however im stuck on how to connect the keypad to the tab as when i connect it it doesnt seem to lock and its a brand new tab. can anyone help?

  2. Ariyan says:

    Does the new transformer infinity capable to support Microsoft Xbox controller receiver to use the 360s controller?

    • Ritchie says:

      As the Transformer Prime was able to use the controller, the Infinity should be able to as well as the software pretty much identical, with the resolution and processor the biggest changes.

  3. Philip93 says:

    Is the Infinity going to get the Jelly Bean update??

  4. Vaibhav Pahel says:

    when will this be available in ukraine, and if you don’t know then when will it be available in the europe region?

  5. Brian Jones says:

    What about WiFi & GPS performance

  6. Pegleg says:

    Still waiting to hear/see how it performs with WiFi and GPS since those were ASUS’ major blunders with the
    Prime. Absolutely inexcusable engineering mistakes.

  7. Serag says:

    Is there a 3G sim card?


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