Multitasking With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Here we are once again with a reader/viewer generated article and video for our audience, all based on the questions and feedback on things you’d like to see demonstrated or shown on the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Tab 7.7.

We fielded questions from our own site, our Facebook page,  Google+ Page and of course our YouTube channel, and came up with 5 short videos on various aspects of the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

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It's easy to do multiple tasks on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, thanks to the Android platform and the slick Touch Wiz skin.

Multitasking in the Android environment is one reason I enjoy using the Google platform for tablets and smartphones. The ability to switch between open apps in a really simple but intuitive way has been one of Android’s main differences between it and other smartphone and tablet operating systems.

Allesandro Valenti from our Facebook fan page asked to see multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, among other things, and we’ve created a video to show how easy it is to switch between apps, force close them and even manipulate and control certain functions while staying within a particular environment.

The TouchWiz overlay doesn’t really add or take anything away from the multitasking, and in the video you can see how quickly we can move from one app to another without much effort.

Multitasking situations crop up all the time now in our busy world. You could be reading an online newspaper when an email notification comes through, and you can quickly switch and reply, then return to browsing. Music can be played in the background while doing other things like ebook reading.

How seamless it is to switch between them is the key to a good portable device, and Android have made it one of their key development areas, with notifications and app switching a defining part of the Android Honeycomb environment.

Without further ado, here’s our short video of how multitasking works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7:


Do you think multitasking is an important aspect your your mobile device, and does that factor form part of your decision making? Feel free to leave your comments, and maybe even tips on power multitasking, in the section below. See you there soon!

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For the detailed first look article of the 7.7, CLICK HERE. For the first Q & A segment in which we compared the Tab 7.7 to the iPad 2, CLICK HERE, and for the segment where we used theTab  7.7 as an eBook, just CLICK HERE.


  1. eugene francis says:

    hi richie!
    i am actually into the process of deciding to whether to buy the samsung galaxy tab 7.7 or ipAd 3. however as of the moment, i can’t decide which.. well as they say, apple is apple and the applications as they say is also endless however, it’s kinda too big for me.. what to do you think? by the way, i have two intentions for buying, for browsing and ebook reading. please help… if you could answer me on my email it will be great. thanks

    • Rober Roth says:

      I you are actually willing to give up the 2″ on the display from the Ipad 3 (9.7″) to the Galaxy Tab 7.7″ then a better alternative would be to go with the new Galaxy Tab 2 which is only 7″ but a fine and complete piece of equipment. Although you may want the 7.7″ for the sim card. Not sure. Anyway I just got the new ASUS Transformer Infinity and it is far superior to the iPad should that be your consideration for the larger size. The ASUS is 10.3″ vs the 9.7″ iPad and the HD resolution if fantastic. Everything about the new Infinity is perfect. The only thing it is missing is the new Jelly Bean Android OS which is coming soon for the Infinity.

      • Ritchie says:

        Thanks for the contribution Rober and all your comments are quite agreeable. We can’t wait to see the Prime and Infinity get Jelly Bean – without much skinning, the OS should be close to what we’ve seen on the Nexus.

  2. Waleed Raza says:

    i just bought this tab Its wonderful. The problems im faced with are
    1. Applications are closed by themselves e.g when i open browser and a game or an ebook with an adobe player or some other apps one of them closes or all of them are closed and only the one im playong is there same case with browser but when i open it later it tries to load the same page that was opened before it shut itself down..
    2. Sometimes is very laggy and that annoys me.. I mean what good is a dual core processor is when it cant handle apps and shuts them down and is laggy at some point..
    Any help to fix this will be greatly apreciated.

    • Ritchie says:

      Hi Waleed,
      Sounds a little buggy, I’m not finding the same issues here at all. However, make sure you don’t have too many background programs running. Clear the memory through the RAM Manager and close all other non-required apps.You may want to try an App/Task killer as well.

  3. Doaa says:

    What is the average battery life of the 7.7 and does the AMLOED screen consume more battery,does it last more than the 7 plus?

    • Ritchie says:

      Samsung quote the 7.7 with 10 hours based on video playback. The 7 plus has more hours quoted but I’m not sure it’s under the same conditions. 10 hours with continuous video playback is pretty impressive, so it looks like the AMOLED doesn’t impact the battery adversely.

  4. kimoo says:

    hi . I want to buy tablets , But I do not know Buy ( ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 7.7 ) What do you recommend , Give me your opinion please as soon as

    • Ritchie says:

      Well, we’ve been looking at the different alternatives and the Samsung is great as an ereader, movie player and browser, more mobile and fits in one hand. The iPad is still a great device with a huge ecosystem of apps and content behind it and the largest tablet app offering by far.
      If you want flexibility and customisation, the 7.7 is a great mobile device. If you are already an iTunes member and don’t mind being unable to make wholesale changes to your interface, then the iPad may well be your best bet.

  5. Robert Roth says:

    RE: closing apps from holding down HOME button when in the app. This does not work on my TF101. Also where can you get FREE app players for MOV and WMV type files.

    • Ritchie says:

      Hi Robert,
      The home button feature doesn’t appear to be a native Honeycomb feature, it looks like a Touch Wiz feature, so good on Samsung for making app management one step easier.
      Don’t forget there are free apps like Task Killer that help do this for you as well.
      The best player I’ve used so far has been MX Player – I’m pretty sure there is a free version of it.

  6. Andy says:

    Merry Christmas Ritchie….

  7. maans says:

    Pitty you didnt cover the mini apps in bar ar the bottom. Its kind of unique to Samsung tablets and in my view a big step forward making tablets more desktop like in terms of multi tasking.

    • Ritchie says:

      Hey Maans,
      You’re right, we did show it in use a little bit in the very first video but didn’t go into the detail of the bottom bar, similar to a hidden taskbar that we’re used to on PCs.
      One of Samsung’s strength is taking an existing platform and tweaking it to make it even more effective for users. This will help their success in these very competitive categories in 2012, which we will be covering with great interest!
      Cheers Maans.

    • Bjoern says:

      UK consumer councellors “Which?” did a very nice video where they explain the mini apps and how you can move them around on the screen like on a desktop PC. You can use them in front of every app as they are always accessible. That’s really handy!

      • Ritchie says:

        Thanks for the heads up. I agree, one reason that Samsung will do well in the tablet category is because they are one of the few who adapt or modify the stock Honeycomb OS to enhance the interface for users. It is a great feature and does start to bridge the gap between a tablet OS and desktop OS.

  8. Andy says:

    Hi Ritchie, could you show a video on say i want to transfer my video or music from my laptop to galaxy tab 7.7

    I’m hoping i could afford this tab when it comes to my country.

    • Ritchie says:

      Hey Andy,
      It would actually be a simply process of dragging and dropping as you would any file. You could even load onto a Micro SD card and use that purely for entertainment files like movies and music.
      Thanks for joining us here!

      • Andy says:

        Good thing to know its simple to do. Just a follow up to the question. I know it can play divx or xvid but can it play mkv videos? If not, is there an app where we can play it directly on 7.7? I know vlc could play mkv, but im not sure if there is an app for it.

        • Ritchie says:

          Hi Andy,
          Using another Android Honeycomb tablet, I tested MX Video Player with an mkv file and it worked perfectly. I would imagine that the Tab 7.7 should be able to do the same given it’s the same fundamental platform.

          • Andy says:

            Thanks Ritchie… Merry christmas and a happy new year. Glad that it could play. Im really looking forward to this tablet. This will be my all in one gadget.

  9. Jawara says:

    Multi-tasking is an absolute necessity. Hands down. Period. Any tablet OS without this key feature isn’t worth its weight in mud. That being said, it’s good to see the smooth TouchWiz transitions between apps and i can say that if i were to get this i would definitely have light music playing, along with emails, social apps and maybe the odd remote-PC link.

    I’d also have around 20 browser tabs open (like i do on my PC) but somehow i feel i’ll have to tone that down, which brings me to my question… have you tried it with numerous apps open at the same time to see if there was any lag or slowdown or crashes? (glad to see there’s an easy task/kill manager) Just wondering if i can play Riptide smoothly while i also have emails and maybe Google maps in the background.

    That reminds me that i’d also like to see a gaming demonstration if possible, to see what that Mali 400 GPU can do. Thanks for the demonstrations, they keep my 7.7 hope alive lol.

    • Ritchie says:

      Hi Jawara,
      Thanks for your comments. We’ve given the 7.7 unit back but hopefully will get it for further testing soon. We tried with a fair few open apps and didn’t see any issues crop up, I don’t think we got up to 10 or 20 apps though.
      We didn’t really try gaming either as we focused on other functionality, but we will look at that for upcoming segments.
      Thanks again for your feedback and thanks for joining us!