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So I've had the Apple Homepod for 6 months now and I will let you know some of the things that I love and dislike about this speaker from Apple.

The Sound

The sound that comes from this speaker is amazing. It can fill the entire living room easily with deep bass sounds. It has never failed to lighten up a dull environment.


Connecting to an Apple device has never been so easy through the Home App. You just have to make sure that your speaker and iPhone is connected via the same wifi. But one thing that you have to consider is that you can't use this speaker to stream music using an Android device which makes sense since its an Apple product.


Siri works just as well on the iPhone as it does on the Apple Homepod. However, to play music through Siri's voice command you will need to have an Apple Music subscription for £9.99 a month which I found a little surprising at first. Having a Spotify Premium account just doesn't work well with Siri. However, If you already have a Spotify Premium account then you need to access and play music using your iPhone device, which I think is quite bothersome.


Even though it looks like a portable speaker it actually requires to be plugged in all the time so you can't move it around the room freely or take it our on a picnic if you are planning to. It just stays in one place in my office.


I just love this powerful speaker which is suitable for any sized room and it looks simple. It has this mesh fabric around the speakers that makes it look premium. I think Apple delivered a quality product here. The only downside was that the Apple Music subscription that you have to pay monthly so it's an ongoing cost added for owning the device. But overall Apple Music is pretty decent and it allows you to have to 'Hey Siri, play music' function. The Apple Homepod just adds the additional touch needed in my office.


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