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Apple iPad Pro -2018

280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9 mm

Apple A12X Bionic Chip

Main Camera - 12MP

Selfie Camera - 7MP

Wifi & Nano Sim

64GB Storage


Key Features

+ Long Battery Life

+ Sleek Design

+ Big Screen - Great for films!

+ It's fast

+ Excellent for travelling


- Expensive

- It can't replace your windows laptop

- Apple iPad accessories are expensive

Recommended Accessories

Jetech Screen Protector

+ Easy to apply

+ Glass

+ Includes 2

- Jetech Black Case

+ Simple

+ Inexpensive

- Logitech Wireless Keyboard

+ Light weight

+ Very portable

+ Easy to type with

I purchased the Apple iPad Pro exactly one year from today for daily business use. I managed to get a really good pay monthly deal from EE - £45 per month which includes 2GB data per month. I did purchase insurance for £10 per month but I realised that I didn't need it after.

I love it for a different reason that what I bought it for Initially, I was going to use it to do most my daily admin for my business like answering emails, completing tasks on Quickbooks and to use Microsoft Office to complete my business tasks. An accessory that I found essential for the job was a Logitech wireless keyboard which made the writing so much easier. What I loved about the keyboard is that you do not have to physically attach it to the tablet which gives you the flexibility to arrange your workspace to however you like. Day to day use For the first few weeks, I got into using it perfectly fine with answering emails and doing the basic tasks. I found myself having to subscribe to Microsoft Office from the Apple Store which cost around £5 per month which wasn't too bad. It was when I got around to using QuickBooks that I started to have trouble. Quickbooks was not the same on the iPad as it was on the Desktop - it did not have the same functionality that I needed like running business reports that exports onto excel. But that didn't stop me from doing the job that I needed to do. As time went by and the more I got to use the Tablet. I started to love it but for a completely different reason. I have taken it to business meetings to make notes, do presentations, to read and learn from and watch my favourite shows on Netflix making use of its gorgeous big screen. I have even taken it camping with me! It is a powerful and very responsive device but it is one for the creatives, designers and artists who wants a responsive touchscreen. It is worth upgrading to iPad Pro 2020? If you have a tablet older than the 2018 iPad Pro and you fancy a new gadget then why not. If you have spare money then I would recommend upgrading. But if you have the 2018 version like me then there isn't much point in upgrading since the only major difference is the additional cameras and to be honest I found that I use my phone camera more and the iPad when I take Photos. I find it weird holding an iPad up to take photos.

The Review Room Verdict I think if you are always on the move who just wants a tablet to keep up with basic tasks and admin such as answering emails, getting your ideas down and catching up with your favourite shows, movies and e-book when you have a minute to spare then this is a device for you. After nearly 2 years I find myself using it mostly for reading and watching movies. Occasionally, when I urgently to respond to an email or when I need to have access to Safari o quickly search for something the Apple iPad is pretty quick to respond. Quicker than booting up my laptop. The only group of people that I would not recommend the Apple iPad to are people working with complicated excel formulas and large amounts of data on their day to day job. I honestly have to say that I still use my Dell XPS to use Microsoft Excel to handle data. Microsoft Office still needs a little bit more improving on Apple Tablets.


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