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Macbook Pro 13 (Early 2011)

2.3 GHz Intel Core i5


MacOS High Sierra

I was 18 - now 28 year old when I purchased my Macbook Pro. Back then I was ready to take on the challenges of University life as an Accounting and Finance student. Since then myself and my Macbook have had an amazing 10 years, from a naive 18 year old University student to a full time accountant and business owner.

It's a Journey!

From graduating as a student to becoming a photography enthusiast to getting my first job in the finance industry this laptop has been with me. I developed my creativity and attention to detail using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for editing photos for my portfolio to creating marketing materials for my business - it has never let me down. It was a versatile laptop for all students, creatives, designers and business owners out there and it still holds true today in 2020.

10 years later it is still very much alive!

During my 10 years of usage, the only problem that I ever encountered was the swollen battery pack which I have now replaced and the original 4GB RAM became insufficient to handle any applications. Having replaced the Battery Pack and upgraded the RAM to Corsair 2 x 4GB RAM recently I was suprised how it still performs like it did when I purchased it 10 years ago.

Recommended RAM Upgrade for Macbook Early 2011

- DDR3 1600 MHz type RAM

RAM Upgrade Instructions

If you are looking to updrade RAM of your old Macbook you can find the information and instruction on how by clicking here.

It really goes to show that it pays off to look after your gadgets. I have honestly gone through at least a dozen Macbook Cases to protect this laptop from any damages and it still looks like new up to this day with the exception of few minor wear and tear of course.

I still use it to edit my photos on Adobe Photoshop or when I want to create logos on Adobe Illustrator or when I just feel like using a different device from my everyday laptop. It still delivers what I need it do!

If you want a laptop built to last buy a Macbook!

Of course I'm not telling you to purchase a 10 year old Macbook. What I'm suggesting is that if you want a laptop that will last you a decade - don't be afraid to spend the money, do your research and find the perfect laptop that fit your purpose. Buying a protective case or sleeve for your laptop and a screen protector are a must _ I can't stress enough how important this is when you want to protect your investment! I can't recall the amount of times I have accidentally pushed the laptop off the bed or the times when I have accidentally dropped my bag on the floor with my laptop inside but it does happens.

Finally, I don't know how long this Macbook Pro will last me but I'm glad I took the plunge 10 years ago when I bought it and hopefully it will serve me for another 2-5 years.

What is the oldest piece of tech that you own and still use today?


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