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I recently got my hands on this powerful speaker from Bose and I'll be sharing the things that I love about it and why I think it has so much to offer.


Bose is known for their premium and quality range of speakers, earphones and headphones and this is definitely not an exception to that high standard. The sound quality is crisp and this little speaker can handle music with big basslines without losing the quality of the music. It's been crafted to emit sound in an Omni-directional style, creating a more natural and realistic sound so you can confidently place this speaker anywhere in the room and enjoy the music.


I just love the design of this speaker, its functional and compact. The matte black design gives it that extra versatility making it perfect for your home office or living room. This compact design is also water-resistant so you can take it outdoors confidently without worrying about water damage.


You can also set up Google or Alexa as your voice assistant to play music. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and select which music streaming platform you would like to use and you are good to go. Streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify Premium and even Apple Music are just some of the music streaming platforms available. Something that the Apple Homepod was missing.


A nice touch is also being able to play music without the need to connect to a power socket giving you more freedom to take it anywhere you want indoors and outdoors. It has an internal battery that can last up to 12 hours of playtime so you can take it out with you on day trips comfortably.


What I also like about this Bose speaker is that you have the option of using buttons to control, connect, turn on/ off which the Apple Homepod doesn't have. So it's not so reliant on voice commands for those who prefer physical controls or if you are in a noisy environment.


This small device makes such an excellent home speaker with so much to offer. I just fell in love with the way it looks and sounds straight away and it's another perfect example of why Bose is dominating in the sound technology sector and maybe something that Apple needs to learn from.



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