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Table Top: Ikea

Desk Frame: Flexispot

Buying The Perfect Desk

The lockdown in the UK has meant that working from home is the new norm. I was fortunate enough that the company that I work for has allowed everyone in the company to work from home permanently.

I wanted to create a minimalist desk space and the first thing that I bought was the desk as it set the foundation of what my workspace was going to look like overall. I knew straight away that I wanted to buy a standing desk but I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on an electric standing desk since they go for £400 to £500 for a complete desk. So I decided to buy the stand and the tabletop separately to save on cost and at the same time I was able to pick and choose the colour of the frame and the type of tabletop.

The Frame

I purchased the frame from Flexispot. They have a nice range of affordable desks and I purchased the Standing Desk 2-Stage Rectangular Desk Frame for £215.99 during the boxing day sale.

The set up was pretty easy but I would recommend asking for help as the box was pretty heavy and I would also recommend having an electric hand tool to make the process a little quicker.

The Tabletop

I knew straight away that I wanted a solid wood tabletop that is long-lasting. I found the best option for me was the Gerton Beech tabletop from Ikea which was 155x75cm for £75. This gave me a generous table space to work with if I wanted to do any collaborative work or work on other projects.

I actually wanted a walnut tabletop but instead, I found plenty of resources online on how you can use wood oil, wax or stain to get the same effect. Here is the outcome of my table after applying 4 coats of walnut wax from Ronseal Diamond Interior Wax, which I purchased from B&Q. Although it wasn't perfect since I because impatient with the drying process but I was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Here is the table after each coat:

Table + Frame = New Desk

The Gerton tabletop does come with pre-drilled holes but you will need to create new ones with your frame since the two items are not built for each other. You will need an electric hand tool to help you attach the two together. I would just ensure that the frame is in the middle of the table and the screws you are using doesn't penetrate the other side o the table. The frame does come with the screws required for you to attach it to your table so you don't need to purchase any additional screws but just be careful with this process.

I would definitely recommend getting an extra pair of hands for help because the solid metal frame and the solid wood tabletop weighs more than 70kg combined.

Here is the table attached to the frame:


If you want to go down this route of purchasing your desk frame and tabletop separately to save money then I would definitely recommend it. It definitely gave my desk a unique look since I applied wood wax to achieve the walnut effect.

The total cost of the desk including materials used to wax the table was: £310.99. That is a total saving of more than £100 if you compare it to the cheapest electric standing desk available in Ikea.

The Final Product


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