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The more time I spend at home during this lockdown the more I find myself looking at old things that I've stored away hoping to find hidden gems that might give me some amusement and entertainment.

I came across a few things and here are some of the old gadgets that I have found in my house:

  • Sony DSLR a350 (Broken Screen)

  • Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen

  • Apple iPod Nano 4th Gen

  • Apple iPod Nano 3rd Gen

  • Apple Macbook Early 2011

I must confess that I have kept these old gadgets for sentimental reasons. I mean who hasn't? Whether they are broken or not I know these old gadgets can be restored to their former glory and still have another chance to be used.

Tech Growing Up

As you can see, I was a big fan of Apple products especially iPods growing up. I remember being in secondary school and all the kids had the latest iPod. I didn't have any money back then nor did I have a part-time job so as I failed miserably to convince my parents to buy me a '£200 music device' as my parents saw it, I saved up until I could buy one.

See, sentimental attachments are very hard to overcome especially when as a kid you saved up all of your pocket money to get your hands on these latest gadgets. I think this is one of the reasons why I subconsciously try to look after my things well because of the effort it took to acquire it. The camera I think got knocked around when I was moving houses - basically the display screen is broken so I can't see the photos that I have taken. I'll see if I can find a replacement for the LCD screen.

A Second Life

Anyways, I recently challenged myself to give these gadgets a second life. I recently repaired my Macbook Pro from a swollen battery pack and upgraded the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. To my surprise, it ran like it used to! It was a simple repair after watching How-to videos.

All of the iPods that I found tucked away still works so maybe I can use this for when I work out instead of using my phone to listen to music. It still has my old songs too!

Extend the Lifespan

I think being in lockdown made me realise how much I take my gadgets for granted and that I should do more to improve the lifespan of my gadgets. What better time to repair your old tech than now? You will also be contributing to the reduction of e-waste which has grown from 20 million to 50 million tonnes per year!

I think one obvious thing to do if you aren't interested in using these old gadgets anymore is to sell them on eBay. I'm sure someone out there can appreciate your unused gadgets.

What do you do with your old gadgets?


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