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Cryptocurrency has been around for a while now and you must be wondering what all the fuss is about recently and you got curious and want to buy your first Cryptocurrency.

If you are wondering where to buy Cryptocurrency then I can recommend Coinbase.com. It's is an easy to use platform for beginners to buy cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and much more.

Sign-up Requirements

Before you can purchase any cryptocurrency you will need to sign up and pass the identity check required by Coinbase. You will be asked to provide either, a passport or a drivers licence and also a selfie to confirm your identity. It should normally take 2-3 working days depending on how many people are signing up.

You will also need an email address and a mobile number for confirmation and security when logging in.

Once Coinbase has verified your account, you can link your bank account details and you can start purchasing your Cryptocurrency!

Why I like Coinbase

What I love about Coinbase is that it's easy to use and manage your cryptos in one place. It has an intuitive interface allowing people who are new to the market to navigate around their portfolio.

It also fairly easy to trade, let's say you have bought Litecoin and you want to exchange your Litecoin for Bitcoin. All you need to do is go on your portfolio and select Litecoin and click trade. You can select your preferred amount or trade all of your Litecoin for Bitcoin - It's up to you. It's an instant transaction that is then confirmed by email so you can feel confident about your trade!

They also have a mobile application available for Andriod or IOS users so you can trade on the go!

You can also learn rewards by learning about different types of Cryptocurrencies. Coinbase often releases short courses to watch and you basically earn by answering multiple-choice questions. Getting a question correct earns you $1 to $3 of the coin you are learning about! Completing an entire course can often earn you more than $10 and it only takes a few minutes! If only the school system developed this reward scheme!

As you can see below I earned a total of $3 worth of Graph token just by learning about it and answering 3 simple questions.

If you are looking for an easy to use a platform to buy Cryptocurrencies then I would recommend Coinbase. Doing your own due diligence like with all investments is very important and make sure that you are confident that you have enough knowledge what you are investing in.


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