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“You’re a reflection of your environment

I wanted to create a minimal yet modern workspace that's easy to clean and maintain since I will be spending most of my day here doing work. To give everyone an idea of how big the desk is its 150cm x 70xcm. You can check out the construction of the desk here if you are interested. Here are the things that I currently have on my desk (Links on the headers if you are interested)

Dell 27 Monitor

My current set up is a 27" screen from DELL which is mounted to an Invision Monitor Arm which is clamped onto the table and the monitor is connected to my laptop via HDMI cable. The monitor arm gives me the flexibility to adjust the height further and move the monitor around freely whenever I’m working.

I use the monitor as my main screen and use the keyboard on my laptop. The monitor from Dell gives me a crisp display with its thin bezel. It’s the perfect size for a home office and I love working on it! I work will a lot of spreadsheets and the frame rate is fast enough to meet any demanding tasks in my opinion.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

My Sennheiser headphone is resting on an inexpensive Headphone Stand from Amazon. I don't get a lot of background noise when I'm working but it’s really comfortable to use when I’m remote working in a cafe.

If you are looking for a quality headphone I would recommend these. I had no problem wearing these all day and I found them to be quite comfortable to wear for long periods. The build and sound quality is quite solid and it doesn‘t look cheap. You can connect via Bluetooth or a standard headphone jack which I found to be quite useful If I want to quickly connect to a laptop. And in terms of battery life, it provides 25 hours of playtime which is more than enough when you are travelling.

Other Things

A few other things on my desks are my leather matt and a money plant. The desk matt gives a nice premium look and smooth surface when working with a mouse whilst the small money plant adds a bit of depth to my workspace. Adding plant provides a bit of contrast to the black and walnut colour to my workspace. I just water my plant once a week and it's quite happy to receive minimal sunlight.


I think having a minimal workspace is important for me. A decluttered work environment helps me think clearer whenever I'm working and it gives me space for creative thinking. The office is still pretty new and I've only been using it for less than a month and overall, my workspace is pretty comfortable to work with and having a standing desk add flexibility to my work environment.

I’m excited to see what my office will look like in the future. I’d like to add some artwork, a small sofa and more plants to my office. Also, I’ll possibly add a mechanical keyboard and an ergonomic mouse in the future but I haven't found one that I like yet so we’ll see. I’ll provide an update of my workspace once I have added significant change to my workspace.


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