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Keeping within your monthly spending budget can be difficult especially with new and enticing gadgets being released out there today. So I have listed 5 things that I have done over the past few years to help me save money on gadgets that I have purchased.

Shop Online

Online shopping has never been easier with many retailers like Amazon that are offering same-day delivery or next day delivery. Whenever I'm buying a new phone or a laptop, for example, I always check online to see if other retailers are offering the same product for a cheaper price or a better product for the same value. A lot of the times you will find online offers that aren't available in-store so it's definitely worth checking online all the time.

Discount Codes

When you are doing your online shopping and get to the check out page you often see the field 'Apply Discount Code'. I always search Google to see if there are any discount codes available because who doesn't love discounts when you are buying things online? I recently started using Honey which is an extension app that you add to your web browser (I use a web browser called Brave) that searches the internet for discount codes for you and Honey applies it automatically when you are checking out. It's a good way to save time and it's easy to add to your browser.

Check out Honey

Student Discounts

Now I'm not a student but I do have friends that are still students who are more than happy to share their discount codes. Sites like Student Beans and Unidays offer a student discount code for a lot of retail brands so it's worth asking your friends even if it's only a 10% discount code that is still £5 saved from a £50 purchase. Win!

Good As New

Some retailers also offer 'Good as new' items which are products that have been returned to the supplier within the return period - may be because they changed their mind. So technically you are buying second-hand products but still in a new condition. I purchased my iPad Pro and Samsung s10 from EE as 'Good As New' and saved at least £100 on each product. The retailers repackage the item in a sellable condition so still the experience that feeling you get when you are unboxing something new. Your consumer rights to return the products is still valid should you decide to change your mind.

Wait for Promotions

If you don't need something immediately one obvious thing to do is to wait for the sale. I waited until the Black Friday Sale to purchase a PlayStation 4 Bundle and one year later I managed to sell the same bundle for a small profit on eBay so no money lost there for 1 year of use (I kept all of the original packagings).

Let me know down below how you save money.


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