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Sage 50cloud Payroll is one of many products by Sage Business Cloud Payroll. A powerful payroll tool for any business of any size. It is essential and simple to use software to help businesses pay their employees. I will share more on my thoughts and experience on the product and less about its features because you can find all of their features on their website. You can find all of the detailed features and pricing by visiting the SAGE website here.


+ Monthly or yearly payments available

+ Different prices are available depending on the number of employees


+ Flexible pricing

+ Suitable for start-up

+ No payroll experience required

+ Training and support available on Youtube / Sage Website


- Outdated Interface

- Employee selection can be difficult if you are dealing with large numbers of staff

- Can be slow when dealing a large number of people

Best Features

+ Easy setup feature

+ Real-time information ready

+ Automatic data synchronisation

+ Supports data imports from Excel

+ Can be intergreate with other accounting softwares

Personal Experience

Before I get started, I would like to mention that this is my personal experience and my thoughts about the application Sage 50cloud Payroll and I will aim to deliver my own unique experience with this product to help you decide if it is a software for your business.

Who is it for?

Just to give you a little bit about my background and how this software fits into my life. I work for a business that employs around 500 employees and one of my responsibility is payroll. The company's annual turnover is around £7m just to give you a little perspective and my task is to process payroll each month for these 500 employees accurately.

I have been using Sage 50cloud Payroll for 2 years now and I had no prior experience or training in completing payroll before I started using this software. I would say that I'm quite technical with IT but it isn't a skill that you need to use this program. Like all things in life you just need a little patience and motivation to get to know the product but once you do its pretty simple to use.

If you are new to payroll or experienced, I think Sage 50cloud payroll offers a lot of flexibility to your payroll solutions. If you have a start-up business or have been running a business for a few years and you are thinking of upgrading your payroll solution then this is a very powerful tool worth looking into.

Useful features

Sage 50cloud Payroll uses Real Time Information which is designed to make PAYE submissions to HMRC more accurate. One feature that I really find useful is the customisable reports that are available so you can use this to manipulate data and upload into your Accounting software in any way that you like.

Another feature that I really find useful is being able to send electronic payslips directly from the software using your email address and being able to customise the body of the email and attached other files along with the payslips - this is what is lacking on other payroll softwares. For me having that flexibility is a plus if you want to include an important document to be sent to everyone on your payroll.

Sage 50cloud payroll is also packed with all of the features that I really find usefull to completing the whole payroll process. You can also intergrate this with Sage 50 Accounts software but in my company we use Netsuite to manage our accounting solution but I would recommend using Sage 50 Accounts to pair with Sage 50cloud because it only make sense to use the same software company. I'll cover Netsuite on another post.

Advance Data Import is your friend.

For me, processing payroll for 500 people per month is a long process. Sage payroll has helped with making the job easier by having all of the functionalities that you could ever need when processing my payroll. From start, you can simply import your finished payroll data on Excel and into Sage by simply using the "Advanced Data Import" tool, which is a very useful function when dealing with a large number of employees. You simply have to map your payroll import file to ensure that Sage collects the right information from your import file from payrates, to how many hours to pay to cost locations.

You can also upload new employees with their personal details using the "Advance Data Import" function. By doing this, you can avoid inputting each employees details one by one into the software.

What support and training are available?

Any new software can be quite daunting to use at first especially if you were like me who had no prior experience to using any products from Sage. Luckily, Sage has good customer support available for you to call and they have training videos available on Youtube. If you encounter a problem just remember that you are not alone.

I have encountered functionalities that I wasn't familiar with and required support completing a payroll process and what surprised me is how easy it was to find a solution to my problem. Sage has a dedicated support page to help their users with any problems. If I wasn't able to find my answer then I would get in touch with their support team by phone who are always happy to help. I found that whenever I get stuck on something I would do what anyone would do these days turn to Google. Search "How to...on Sage Payroll" and more often than not you will find a step by step solution to your problem.

What I didn't like

The only thing that could possibly be improved is the overall look for the interface. To me, the interface seems a little outdated for a powerful tool in 2020. I know that it's all about functionality but does it hurt to add a bit of style to the overall design of the product?

At the beginning of each payroll, you have to select the people you want to pay and if you are dealing with a large number of people let's say 500 selecting the correct people can be quite a tedious job especially when the people you pay each month changes. I think Sage needs to create a solution where it automatically detects and selects the correct people that you want to pay based on the payroll file that you upload.

The software can get a little expensive the more employees you have. With a single user, single company and unlimited employees your monthly is around £85per month + VAT or £1,197 per year + VAT which I think is a bit steep for a payroll software. And this is just the payroll software. There are other all in one products out there that offer both accounting and payroll integrated into one that may be more reasonable to new startups.

The Review Room Verdict

I think Sage 50cloud payroll is a very powerful tool for small, medium and large companies. I would only recommend this product if you are dealing with more than 50 employees. Otherwise, there are other products by Sage that are available to smaller businesses such as Sage 5cloud (1-5 employees) and Sage 10cloud (6-10 employees). You can view all products by clicking here.

If you are just starting up your business and I think it's important that you set up a strong foundation for your business right from the start. I would recommend definitely downloading the trial version and having a go for yourself.

Download the free trial here


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