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Samsung Active Watch

Likes + There is a watch face to fit your personality + Interchangeable straps + Circular watch face design + Battery Life + Waterproof + Responsive Dislikes - No cellular connectivity - Nike App not available on Galaxy Store Being a classic watch enthusiast for many years now, I recently decided to take a plunge with a smartwatch - my first smartwatch and I love it!

Having used the Samsung Active Watch for a few months now here are my thoughts.

Tracking It has a heart beat monitor, steps counter and prompts reminders to move. It does help me to keep in check for my daily steps goals of 10,000 steps per day - it is accurate! Also, it triggers a simple notification to remind me to move and stretch when I have been idle for a long period of time.

To keep track of my running I use the Under Armour app from the Galaxy Store although the watch itself doesn't have its own GPS. Instead, it connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to track of your running route which means having to carry your mobile phone with you which is something to bear in mind.

Design What I love about this watch is its circular design and interchangeable straps. It has become an essential piece of gadget and I never since looked back. I was surprised by the number of watch faces that are available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and the features available. I probably spent a good day trying to decide which watch face to go for. I was also pretty happy with the user interface as it is pretty responsive when searching through the applications and opening applications.

Battery Life The battery life is also pretty decent. It would last a good two days before running out of battery. A way to improve the battery capacity is to reduce the heartbeat monitoring from continuous to every 10 minutes or turning it off completely as well as turning off any notifications that you don't need. You also a battery-saving feature to set the watch the greyscale mode which sets the watch to a default theme and it turns off features such as raise to wake and any animations that you may have on.

Wireless Power Share Using your Phone Another cool feature is being to charge using my Samsung s10 - this works with the latest Samsung handsets that have wireless charging features. On a weekend trip to Copenhagen, I realised that I had forgotten to charge it the night before luckily I was able to use my Samsung s10 to charge the watch. A solution to an emergency situation.

Gym Use

I have used this watch every time I'm at the gym to track my workout time and it works like charm. The rubber straps make it easy to clean and sanitise - just remove the straps and give it a quick rinse. I know what you are thinking - what if I break it in the gym? Well like all things if you aren't careful it will break. I find myself lifting weights most of the time and I can say that it's pretty safe and comfortable to use in the gym - I haven't broken it yet and I go quite often. But if you are worried about breaking the screen or scratching it there are available screen protectors available online.

The Review Room Verdict Overall, if you were like me who is a little bit sceptical at first with smartwatches I can say that it has become an essential piece of gadget to my everyday life. Just keep an open mind to the features that become available to you with smartwatches. The Samsung Active Watch is a great addition to your gadgets if you want a simple yet versatile watch that has full of functionalities.


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