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Samsung S10

1.9GHz Octa-core Processor

3400mAh Battery

3 rear camera

1 front camera

8GB of RAM

4G Network


+ Wireless Charging

+ Ultra wide Camera Lens

+ Split screen capabilities

+ Sleek design

+ Customizability


- Fingerprint reader fails quite often

- Bixby button

- "Hi Bixby" doesn't always work

- Not the best for taking videos in low light conditions

Recommended Accessories

- Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Pad

- Jetech Screen Protector

- Syncwire USB Type C Cable

- Spigen Case Black

Being an iPhone user for many years I decided to upgrade to a Samsung s10 recently. I thought it was time to make change, gain a new experience and to move on from Apple.

Upon receiving the new handset the first thing I noticed was the beautifully designed screen and overall look of the phone. It was sleek, light weight and beautifully constructed.

User Interface

Setting up the phone was pretty simple, I realized how much more customizable the Andriod interface is compared to an Apple device. I found it to be complicated at first as everything was alien to me - for an ex IOS user. I must have played around with the different settings for a week or two before I could get used to the device and have it set up to my personal preference.

After a few weeks and the more I got to use it, I started to love it more and more. I changed the way the user interface looked to make it look simple and uncluttered with apps. I removed the apps that I did not need and I organised my apps into categories and made a minimal home page to only include apps that are essential. I kept it simply and easy to use.


The Samsung S10 has 4 cameras in total - 3 on the back and 1 on the front. You might think it much but its one of those things that you think you don't need until you have it.

Being into photography, one of the key features that I found really useful was the ultra wide camera. It came in useful when taking beautiful landscape photos. It allows you to capture more from where you stand. The camera of the Samsung s10 takes beautiful vivid photos and videos. I'll let my photos speak for themselves. The only problem that I encountered was the quality of videos in low light settings. I found the photos to be grainy in these scenarios. However, If you want to take a photo in a low light condition then the devise does offer a night mode feature - you just have to hold the camera steady to avoid any motion blur.

The whole punch camera at the front didn't bother me at all - Samsung actually utilized a lot of the screen by designing it like so and a lot of the times you don't notice that its there.


Do I miss the iMessaging service that Apple offers on their device? Yes and no. As you may already know that iMessage is a free service for any Apple users which means you can send messages, photos and videos at no extra cost. It's fast and it is convenient. Since moving onto an Andriod, I have had to turn to other alternative application which is Whatsapp. It is a great alternative as it offers almost the same features as iMessage. Also, what I found is that almost a lot of my friends who still has an iPhone use Whatsapp anyway to communicate. So it was just a matter of time to get used to.


When it comes to the battery and charging I would straight away recommend investing on one of the fast charging wireless chargers from Amazon. I got one for around £15. It such an easy way to charge your phone without going through the hassle of having to find the cable and plugging it into your phone in the middle of the night. You can just simply place it on the wireless charging pad to charge.


Samsungs own virtual assistant. It is activate by saying "Hi Bixby". However, based on my past experience it doesn't normally work. I found that you need to be quite close to the device and talking directly to it before it activates.

The one feature that I couldn't really get used to was the Bixby Home and the Bixy button on the left hand side of the phone. Once pushed it activates Bixby Home.Do you really need a physical button to activate Bixby? I managed to find a tutorial to change the functionality of the button - I programmed it to activate the camera app instead of Bixby which I find to be more useful especially when I quickly want to snap a quick photo.


I like the Samsung S10 a lot since it offers a lot of functionality that is lacking from an Apple device. It is beautifully designed and the camera takes beautiful images.

Images taken on Samsung S10

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