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During the Covid-19 lockdown, I know that many of you may have been furloughed a which means being paid 80% of your normal salary. For some, it is a difficult adjustment, I know, but just remember that you are not alone. The whole world is experiencing a difficult time. So here some of the things that you can do to make your money go further by saving smart and earning whilst on lockdown. Note this is not professional advice.

SAVE MONEY Cancel subscriptions Decreasing your monthly expenses is the first thing that you should do. You must review your monthly subscriptions and cancel the subscriptions that you don't currently need in lockdown. These may include gym memberships and phone insurance. I was fortunate enough that my local gym paused my monthly gym membership automatically. That's £18.99 saved per month. So if your gym hasn't taken any actions during this lockdown you need to take action and get that saving.

Refund Annual Subscriptions For those who live in big cities, you already know that public commuting has come to a halt. If you are one of many commuters that have annual train tickets then you are eligible for a refund for the period that you have not used your annual ticket. It's definitely worth looking into so ask your ticket provider what you can do to claim your refund.

Learn to cook With more time being spent at home, you now have all the time to learn how to cook your favourite food. You will be surprised how much cheaper it is cooking your favourite food than ordering a takeaway. This is also a great way to pick up a new hobby or skill and you'll come out of the other side of lockdown as a master chef!

Use budgeting tools If you like to budget like me then you will already be using some sort of budget tool to help you keep track of your expenditure. The main tool that I use for budgeting is an Excel spreadsheet that I created. I'll share this easy to use budgeting tool with you so you can keep track of your monthly expenditure and I will also include instruction on how to use it. It gave me a bigger picture of my outgoings each month and from that, I was able to cancel what I didn't need.

Click the file down below to download my budgeting tool.

Personal Budget 20-21 - Template
Download XLSX • 1.00MB

Put normal expenses in your savings You'll probably find that you have more money since you don't have to commute to work and you aren't eating out as much at fancy restaurants. Why not put these normal expenses into your saving account. I saved approximately £159 last month on travel since I have been working from home which I have put into my savings account. Or why not use your monthly savings to pay off existing debt and save on interest!

EARN MONEY Blog If you have been thinking of ways to earn money during lockdown why not look into creating your blog. Earning from a niche website in 2020 is still possible. I used Wix to create this website to share my thoughts and do product reviews of gadgets that I have at home. Wix is easy to use web designer made not only for the experienced but also for people who have little experience in web design. I'll create a separate blog post on Wix to give you more detail. And to be honest, blogging is what has kept me sane indoors all this time. I finally have time to write down and share useful information...hopefully.

Find out more about Wix.

Declutter and Sell! You can only clean your house so many times a week until you get bored. I found that decluttering the house is such a therapeutic experience - I found my old iPod Touch that has just been sitting in my drawer. This still sells around £20 on eBay! I think eBay is still one of the best platforms to buy and sell second-hand items these days. You'll be surprised to find people who are still willing to buy old gadgets for a good price!

Start selling on eBay!

Learn to Trade Stocks A good investor finds opportunity even in times of difficulty. The global marketing is currently at its lowest so why not learn how to invest in stocks or cryptocurrency if you are looking for investment opportunities. There are platforms out there that you can use to buy stocks like Trading 212 or Etoro. I like Etoro to trade because they have an online community and I particularly find the practice account useful because you can use 'play money' to apply your theory without putting your real money at risk. I recommend doing your research first and carrying out your due diligence before using real money. What about Surveys? Surveys never really appealed to me to earn extra cash. Just thinking about the endless amount of questions that you have to answer puts me off so I wouldn't recommend it because I personally wouldn't use it. But if you have the patience for it then you can find a lot just by searching Google.

These are just the things that you can do to save money and earn a little bit of extra cash. I hope you guys stay safe during the Covid-19 lockdown where ever you are in the world.


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