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So I've been using the Sennheiser 4.4 BT for about 6 months now and I'll be going through some of the things that I love about this headphone and also some of the things that I dislike about it. I picked these up for £139.99 from Amazon.



When I first put these on I was surprised how clear the quality of music was. The bass for me is deep enough for everyday listening and it blocks out a lot of the background noise. If you work remotely in a busy cafe then these headphones are a great choice for that environment.


So straight away the first thing that you'll notice when you pick this up is the quality and sleek design. This set of headphones only comes in black with grey accents. Sennheiser chose a sort of matte plastic for the material and a replaceable leatherette for the padding giving a premium build.


I also used this throughout the day when I'm working and it is very comfortable to wear. I definitely prefer wearing these to in-ear earphones for long periods of time and it doesn't cause me any ear fatigue like most headphones in the market. I think this is mainly due to the soft padding that Sennheissers have decided to use.


What I love about these headphones is that it has both Bluetooth connectivity and wired connectivity. It has NFC (Near Field Communication) so I can simply enable the NFC feature on the Samsung and hold it close to the earphones and it will automatically detect and connect with it easily. And I want to connect it to my laptop and save the battery then I can connect to it using the headphone jack that's provided.

Battery Life

The battery life of this headphone is amazing. It has 25 hours of playtime but honestly within the 6 months of use I have only had to charge it a couple of times since I use both wired and wireless connection to extend the battery life when I'm out and about.



The only negative for me with this headphone is the controls. When I'm listening to music via Bluetooth and it's connected to my Samsung phone I've always had trouble using the buttons to pick up a call. There are only 3 buttons that are found on the right side; the ON/ OFF button, the volume button and the slide up or down button to skip or playback music which is located in between the two other buttons. It always gives me trouble locating it because one wrong press could end the call. Up until now I still have trouble using the button to pick up calls. It would have been better if they separated the buttons a little better.


One thing you have to consider is that this does not have a noise-cancelling feature. I've tried using these headphones for calls and online meetings and I've always had complaints that there is a little background noise and calls were not always clear. If noise cancelling is important to you then you should consider the Sennheiser 4.50 which is basically the same set of headphones but with the additional noise cancelling feature.


The Senheisser 4.40 is a good choice especially if you are looking to buy your first headphones or if you are looking for a replacement without beaking the bank. It offers a dynamic sound and it has a really premium build quality. It's definitely one of the top headphones out there in the fairly priced headphones market right now and I would definitely recommend it.


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