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You might be thinking that designing and creating a website is for the professionals who are experienced coders and extensive history in web development. Well, you are quite mistaken. It's easier now more than ever to start your own website that you will be proud of and I will show you how.

Like me, before I created this website and another website that I created for a client I had no prior experience with creating websites and I can tell you that it's quite simple and I am going to share with you how you can create your own website using these simple steps.

All you need is to make that first step towards your goal and the rest is history.

Choose a Web Host

A web host is the service provider and is essential for any website. It's like the home of your website where all data is stored.

I will be using Bluehost because they have all the necessary tools for you to create your first website and it's quick and simple. Bluehost is also recommended by Wordpress - they power 25% of the website (Forbes Magazine).

-Select Wordpress Hosting-

Choosing a Plan

Choosing the right plan really depends on your requirements and how much you want to spend. I normally go for the BASIC because you can always upgrade later if needed and it's not really going to break the bank if you change your mind later.

Once you have selected the right plan you will need to enter your personal details.

Also, you will need to confirm the package that you have chosen and payment information. You can choose from the following plans:

  • 12-month plan - £3.94 p/m

  • 24-month plan - £3.14 p/m

  • 36-month plan - £2.35 p/h

Selecting a Domain

- Check Your Domain Name Below -

Tip: Try to find a domain name that simple and memorable like The Review Room.

Whether you are creating a website to promote your personal brand or a website for your business you will need a unique domain name. This is simply the name for your website. I prefer choosing a domain name followed by '.com' compared to '.net' or '.co.uk' because its easier to remember and type.

Personally, naming your website one of the most exciting parts of creating a website because you are creating a unique identity for your website.

Difference Between Bluehost and Wordpress

Bluehost provides the hosting service whilst Wordpress is a Content Management System for your website. It's like Wordpress is the Windows operating system to your laptop and your laptop is Bluehost that holds all the data.

Bluehost Dashboard

Once you have chosen your plan and a domain name you will be given access to your Bluehost portal. That looks something like this. You may need to download Wordpress if it's not already installed on your Bluehost Portal.

-Click on LOGIN to Wordpress-

Wordpress Dashboard

Once you are on Wordpress don't be overwhelmed with your dashboard. It's pretty simple, but for now, I just want you to focus on the Appearance and Posts tab on the left-hand side of the menu bar.

You can explore the different options available in your own time and become comfortable navigating around Wordpress.

Appearance - First Pick a Theme

Another exciting aspect of creating a website is choosing a theme for your website. It is the backbone and structure of your website.

- Click on APPEARANCE and select the theme that you like -

Tip: You can preview the theme that you like before activating it.

I think choosing a simple and easy to navigate theme will attract more visits to your website. You also have an option for paid themes which have more features than the free themes.

One thing that I dislike from any website is a messy and cluttered landing page.

You can customize your theme afterwards and I will share with you on a separate post on how you can customize the small details on your website that will make your website stand out from the rest.

Writing your first Blog Post

So once you have picked your theme and you are happy with it then you are ready to start posting on your blog!

- Click on POSTS and then select ADD NEW -

Finally, you are now ready to start writing your first blog post! You should always start with an appealing title and build your blog content around that so you don't go off-topic.

Tip: I downloaded Grammarly which is a free add on to your web browser. Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker that I find really useful when I write blog posts like this.

Grammarly automatically detects any misspelt words or grammatically incorrect sentences that you write on the web. Writing grammatically correct blog posts really makes your website look professional and easier for your readers to read. Don't you love a well-written blog post?


Just have fun with the process and explore Bluehost and Wordpress. They offer a lot of cool features and support that will help you become a successful blogger or website owner. Don't be set on having the perfect website straight away and just keep learning from the process!



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