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Summer is only around the corner and if you are a car enthusiast like me its the season to enjoy road trips and go for long drives especially if you are a car enthusiast like me.

There is a joy that I found cleaning and servicing my own car so I find it important to have the right tools to get started as well as having quality products that will give you longevity.

I have researched and found the best value for money and I have added the links on each product title if you want to purchase them :) I think these will give you the best end result if you are a car enthusiast. Here are the equipment that I would recommend to get you started with cleaning your own car this summer:

BOSCH UniversalAquatak 135


  • This is a powerful jet wash that gives you more than just a wash

  • Portable and can be easily stored away

  • Includes 3 in 1 nozzle

  • Easy and simple to use. Just attach to a water supper and plug in

Meguiar's Deluxe Car Care Kit V2


  • Includes all your essential cleaning products to get you started

  • Meguiar's is known for their superior quality of products

  • Comes with a bag for easy storage

  • Kit works out cheaper than if bought separately

I hope you guys have a great summer and enjoy cleaning your cars with these products and I'm sure they wont disappoint.

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